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The Friends of Park Fields

"Enhancing the natural open space of Park Fields for the benefit of the whole community"

The Friends of Park Fields is a community group which wants to protect the recreational site known as Park Fields for future generations to enjoy.   Park Fields offers everyone the opportunity to enjoy a quiet walk in a beautiful, unspoilt location, for families to have a game of football with their children, to play cricket or fly kites.  Also, to stop during a walk along the Wirral Way, to have a picnic sitting on one of the benches and to enjoy the splendid views across the Dee Estuary to the Clwyd hills

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Our Aims

"To enhance the natural beauty of the open space for the benefit of the whole community"

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Our principal aim is to protect and enhance this whole 41 acre site for the benefit of all.  The site is made up of a Recreation area of 12 acres, and a large passive recreation field known locally as ''the Cowfield” of 29 acres. Further aims are: to safeguard the character and traditions of the whole area, whilst preserving its natural beauty;  to safeguard the diverse wildlife and the bio-diversity of the Cowfield;  and to develop the site for education and passive recreation. Most importantly - by agreement - the Friends acts as a Representative Body in dealing with the Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWAC) in the interests of all users and the community at large.

Our Aims

Welcome to Park Fields

Park Fields is a welcoming place, with excellent access for all, including wheelchair users and for pushchairs.  Wide mown paths stretch around and across the site, and benches offer an opportunity for quiet reflection or rest.  The open aspect of Park Fields means that everyone can stroll over the whole site without ever feeling vulnerable.  Wonderful views across the Dee Estuary to the Clwyd Hills can be enjoyed from the site in every season.

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About the Fields

History of the Fields

Park Fields is situated in Parkgate, Neston and is a 41 acre site dedicated to public recreation.  It was acquired by the pre WW2 Local Authority expressly for that purpose.  During WW2, an area of some 29 acres was leased to a local farmer for agricultural purposes in support of the war effort. The lease continued for many years afterwards, and that land became known as "the Cowfield" to local inhabitants. In 2007 The Friends group was formed after the Local Authority terminated the lease.  Once unoccupied, people began to re-use the field as a shortcut and for recreation, and this use gradually increased.  Local people, who by now enjoyed strolling over the whole site, were worried about the future of the Cowfield and banded together to form a community group - hence the beginnings of the “Friends”.  The present Council (CWAC) was approached and the Friends signed a renewable Management Agreement in 2009 to jointly manage the site with the Council. Both parties were delighted with this outcome which has continued successfully to this time. Renewal steps are in hand.

History of the Fields
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Where Are We?

Current Projects 2022/2023

Get Involved...

We are currently planning a number of exciting projects. Have a look, we would love to hear from you.


Poppy Project - October 2022 to Summer 2023…

October 2020 to Summer 2021


Community Development Project- Rebuilding Biodiversity

2020 to 2024 4 year Project

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Nature Conservation, various projects.


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