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Community Green Flag 2020/2021

We are Proud to have been Awarded Community Site status Annually from 2012

The Community Green Flag Award is an international standard which seeks to recognise outstanding recreational open spaces and parks, and to encourage others to aspire to its attainment.  It is a prestigious award highly prized by local authorities:  there are currently only 303 such sites in the UK, including 3 in the CWaC local authority's area.  Fields are assessed against 24 stringent criteria, and are subject to annual inspection and re-inspection by an Assessor. 


We are very proud to have achieved Community Green Flag status in 2012 and in all subsequent years.  In 2018 we were advised that Park Fields' assessment placed the site within the top 10% of those within the UK.  The Friends will strive to keep this valuable recognition of our site on behalf of CWaC and the community in which it lies.

Green Flag Award: About
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