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FOPF committee launch exciting community led project to rebuild the bio-diversity of the Fields.

Current Projects

The FOPF committee have set up a project group to consider options for enhancing the "Educational area" of the field. The area is fenced from the main field and is approx 7200m2 (see the photo below). 

After consultation with; local people, schools, groups, visitors to the field, and our partners at CWAC. A vision has been created to develop the biodiversity of the area.   

Plans include creating a number of ponds, a wild flower meadow, suitable seating, natural landscaping and creation of natural habitats together with planting of a number of 'missing' plant species. 

The project will aim to bring people from the community to work together to create the vision. The wild flower meadow will, for example, be sown by volunteers. All help will be very welcome!


For so long Covid19 has forced us to be apart, we hope that this project with not only allow the biodiversity of the area to flourish but will be a catalyst to bring the community together again. 

The Fields are next to the Wirral Way and National Cycle paths and are visited and enjoyed by people from Cheshire, Merseyside and beyond. We hope that this project once completed will encourage people to visit Parkgate and support local businesses.

Not only will creating the project be a positive experience, once completed the area will be a valuable addition to the fields and be available to be used and enjoyed by the public, schools and special interest groups.


Our Project team are currently in the process of applying for grant funding from BIFFA, Natural England and the Post Code Local Trust so we can make our vision a reality - a true community project for us all to look forward to!

We shall keep you informed but in the meantime please keep safe, enjoy the Fields and look forward to the future!

FOPF committee. 

Please see the plans below... 



Existing image of the existing Designated Fenced Area -  approx 7200m2


Plan to rebuild biodiversity, scraps with fencing, planting, habitat creation, wild flower meadow, seating, weather station & compass.  

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