For 2019/2020 The Friends of Park Fields Committee have been working on two main projects: 

Hedge Project 2020



In 2011 and 2012 The FOPF undertook a project working with the TCV to gap plant the hedge between the school side entrance and the top gate. A smaller section of the Wood Lane Hedge from the top gate towards the sportsfield was also gap planted and layed. This project received an award in 2012.


However, the Wood Lane hedge from the gate on the Sport Field to around Paddock Drive remains generally in poor condition. Gaps are appearing. A section of the hedge adjacent to the sport field is made up entirely of Bramble which in places is dying back and if no action this is likely to continue giving direct access from the road to the field. 



The Friends have been working with the TCV, and senior members of the council's parks and green spaces team to consider options. The experts have recommended that the following action is taken.



TCV volunteers will plant Approximately 70 Metres of new hedge plants from the gate on the Sports field towards the direction of the Cow field - A variety of suitable plant species will be used

The Hedge at the bottom of the field between the Sports and Cow field that was planted as part of the initial project in 2012 has taken extremely well and it is recommended that part of this section is layed by TCV volunteers to reduce its height and increase its thickness over time

The Wood Lane hedge line will be gap filled along its entire length with new plants where needed. This work will be carried out by TCV volunteers.


In addition as part of this project the council will commission their contractor to carry out the following work

​- Prepare for the planting of new hedge by reducing the thickness of the bramble whilst leaving enough to provide a barrier to the road. 

- Cut back verge to the hedge along the Wood Lane side of the hedge.

- Reduce the height of the hedge further to open views (where possible).

- On the Cow Field side the height of the blackthorn will be reduced to hedge height


The Project is expected to be completed by the End of March 2020 (weather dependant)


This community project has been funded by; Neston Town Council, CWAC Green Spaces, Friends of Park Fields and a Community appeal with valued support from the TCV volunteers.

Update: The Project was successfully completed Just before Lockdown In March 2020 (see the pictures below)..

Project to create new Habitat & outdoor class room facilities in the existing 'Educational' Area. 2019/2021


The FOPF committee have set up a project group to consider options for the Educational area of the field. The area is fenced from the main field and is approx 7200m2 (see the photo below). Our management agreement has designated this area predominately for educational use.


The project group have consulted with Parkgate primary, other primary schools and Neston High School together with other community groups and CWAC. A vision for the area has been jointly developed which would be in keeping with the open aspect of the fields. The plan includes creating a pond area, improving natural habitat, incorporating the existing Bee hotel with planting of Bee and other pollinator friendly plants. The plan also includes the creation of a wild flower area to run adjacent to the field so in easy view for all users of the area. Suitable seating for an out door classroom and/or picnic area is also planned.

The wild flower area would be created with help from the community and school children and would require some maintenance on a annual basis  - apart from that, the area is designed to keep maintenance to a minimum. 

The Project team are now actively seeking financing grants or sponsorship to make the vision a reality. If anyone has any ideas for possible sources of grants or sponsorship , we would love to hear from you. We are aiming to complete this project by 2022