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Friends Win National Bees Needs Award!

The Latest Buzz from the Friends !

Very Beefitting

The Friends are celebrating success in the recent national Bees Needs Awards. There is always a buzzfrom getting awards, and we have been busy bees- in a hiveof activity - for several months to gain this particular one. It really is the ‘bees knees’amongst national awards, and very beecoming for a colonysuch as ours to beehonoured in this way. Of course our Bee Hotel- which beecame a welcoming home for solitary beesin 2015 - played a major part in this endeavour. We have had to avoid many honeytraps and attempts by others to hiveus off in the process. And we have kneededa lot of stamena to create a suitable wildflower food source for pollinatorson the cowfield. Our Secretary, regarded by some as the committee’s QueenBee, has been buzzing around as usual and even visited Beeston Castle to see if the owners could help us find beeswax and honeycombsto display. Other volunteers have bumbledaround on their four wings, beehind and on beehalf of the committee - occasionally finding flowers, fruits and crops to pollinatewhich they do by rubbing against the stamenswhilst gathering the prized nectar. The latter is often called “amber nectar” - or, by Peter Allen, a pint of lager !

Lord Gardiner said the Award beefits an organisation such as ours, and was delighted to beestow the honour upon us. During lunch he beefriended Colin and John and, at his beequest, they gave him the history of the Cowfield and told him of our other achievements and also what issues beedevilled us. Beetween ourselves, the Noble Lord offered some suggestions to take us beeyond our currentbeeorientated plans, and for now we cannot beetray those confidences. It was beewildering to beeat the beeanfeast at Kew Gardens where so many people pursue their beeloved causes for nature, but nobody beelittled our efforts to date. Their experts beeseeched us to continue the good work despite the problems that might beefall us.

We have to remember, however, that there is a sting in the tailin this type of voluntary work: we say to new volunteers “beeware the dangers of combing throughhives”, and always wear appropriate protection. In spite of the hazards, we have beecome a very successful group with the fruits of our labours available for all to beehold. Oh Beehave !!

John Lobley & Colin Nicol (Chairman of FOPF receiving the award at Kew Gardens