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Park Fields - Educational Area Project moves forward!

The Educational Project completed an important milestone today! A new stone seating circle is now in situ.!

22 tonnes of Welsh boulders were delivered early this morning.....

The stones were then carefully unloaded and manoeuvred to form the seating circle.(designed by one of our young members)

3 Hours later.......

Colin Nicol, Chairman of the Friends of Park Fields said " In just over 12 months, with the help of our volunteers and partners we have; planted a community orchard, created two ponds, improved the natural habitat and seeded a wild flower meadow. I am delighted that we have now been able to source and install the stone seating circle."

Chris Try, Secretary of the Friends said "In the next few weeks we plan to improve the fencing and gates around the educational area and by the summer, fingers crossed, will we see some flowers!'

The educational area project is funded by CWAC, Neston Town Council, Councillor Barker, The Police Commissioner and the Friends of Park Fields. More information on the project can be found on the link below.


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