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Register now for the AGM zoom meeting Tuesday 6th October 2020 7pm

Thank you to everyone that has already emailed us to register for the AGM zoom meeting.

Members and guests are welcome and we will update you on important news as well as dealing with the AGM business. We expect the meeting to last no more than one hour.


1) Email to request a link to attend.

2) We will be emailing you your link to the meeting early next week

3) At 7pm or just before Just click the link from your computer, tablet or phone and you should be taken straight to our "waiting room"

4) We will then let you into the meeting which will be starting at 7 pm.

5) We are using Zoom seminar - you will be able to see and hear The Friends Presentation team but no-one will see your camera

6) If you have a questions during the please , type it into the Q&A box - other options to interact will be explained during the meeting.

Thank you for your support!


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